Friday, July 8, 2016

Edible Flower: Nasturtium

Do you know that some flowers are edible? while we know that some other variety of flowers taste good as a tea, there's also a type of flower that could be eaten , raw or cooked. And yes, one of them is nasturtium (latin: nose twitch).
Several days ago,  I went grocery shopping at a grocery store nearby and found several packs of nasturtium on vegetable aisle. I was excited as I've never tried the flower before so I quickly picked it up!

Nasturtium smells like a fresh unripe starfruit. The petal tastes mild with a little hint of sweetness, but the closer it gets to the base, it's getting more pungent and hot, almost like a saturated white pepper.

a pack of nasturtium at Setiabudhi Supermarket (rarely available according to its supervisor). IDR 12.600 for three flowers. It's labelled as "edible flower", how cute!

Not only its beautiful, but nasturtium also tastes great and it also beneficial for health (and also beauty!)

Nasturtium benefits:
- Antibiotic: eat 2-3 flowers/day ideals to cure minor cold and flu.
- Clearing skin up, battling acne: thanks to its antibiotic properties and vit C. It kills the bacteria from inside your body. Could also be used as a toner. Place one cup of flowers and/ or buds in a liter of water in a pot. Cover and allow to simmer for 15 minutes. Strain and store in the fridge.
- They're high in vitamins A, C (10 times as much as lettuce), and D.
- Hair grow supplement: A simpler mixture is 1 cup of flowers and buds in 1 liter of water, simmered for 15 minutes in a closed pot. Massage into scalp and then rinse the hair. Keep what’s left over in the fridge.

How to eat nasturtium:
- Throw the flowers or leaves to a bowl of salad to add some colors and 'hotness'
- Eat it raw! yummm.... if you don't like pungent taste, just eat the petals.
- Cook it with other veggies. can be used as a substitute for pepper (seeds).
- Use it as a decoration on your plate.
- Could be served as a beautiful sidedish too :)

Eating my nasturtium raw with fried swiss brown mushroom and bacon :9

Available at Setiabudhi supermarket at IDR 12.600/box of three flowers.

Have you tried any edible flowers before? Nasturtium is the second flower that I've tried. The first flower shocked me with its sharp pungent taste, like a hot pepper-bomb exploded in my mouth, lol! If you are new to nasturtium, eating it slowly from the tip of the petals is recommended. But ignore me if you're so much into pungent taste :)

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Colorful Congraduation Flower Bouquet

Graduating is a very special moment in life, and a sumptuous selection of fresh flowers is just the sort of luxurious gift that will make it even more of a pleasure. It’s also lovely to give a graduation gift as it allows you to express your pride and delight at what they’ve achieved.

After so much hard work, they deserve the opportunity to celebrate their achievement in style – and a bouquet of fresh flower with a graduation plush doll is a perfect choice!

This bouquet is made earlier this month and I chose big roses as the main flower, again, soft pink roses are everyone's favorite right? The color theme should be colorful and bright,  as bright as the future that awaits the graduate~! so I think yellow and a little flush of orange gerbera are a good choice.

The plush is wearing black graduation hat (I made that myself, hehe) and a bow-tied paper scroll is also included in the bouquet, containing message from the graduate's friends :)

This reminds me of my graduation day, I didn't prepare anything like any other girl, lol! I wore a casual dress, minimal make-up and took several casual photo with my besties, that's all. No one gave me flowers, hahaha, it's okay though... but yeah, I'd be really happy to get at least one bouquet back then. ^-^ So why hold back? I'm sure everyone would be happy to receive a bouquet of flower on their special day~!

So yeah, I made custom flower bouquet and dry flower craft and it's available for Indonesia area.

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Saturday, June 18, 2016

Father's Day Gift Ideas

Father's day is just around the corner, and we have like 24 hours to get our special gift for him. Here's a quick list of gift ideas to celebrate his special day :)

1. Gentleman's Essentials & Snacks

Gentleman's essentials, it's an easy choice. If you have money to spend, you can buy him a pair of new shoes, shirt, pants, a tie, or even a bath kit. Other than that, I'm sure your father will love to have some of his favorite snacks in a parcel. You know what he likes the most, like my father, he loves coffee. So I think I'll just give him a pack of coffee in a jar. If you have time, you can customized the jar (I'm using mason jar) too!

Gift Ideas: ballpoint, coffee/tea jar (DIY), tie/tie bar, shirt, wallet, shoes,  bath kit, favorite snacks/fruit hamper, bag, perfume.

2. DIY Keychain 

Alphabet beads keychain would make a great gift. It's super quick to make and it'll remind him of you just everytime he sees it.

3 Father's Day Cards

If you haven't prepared any gift yet, don't feel guilty. This DIY card might just be enough to make your Father happy, at least he knows you love him :)
I especially love the blue card with handkerchief on it. If you plan to give him a card, adding a handkerchief would be a great idea!

4. Flowers!

Yeah you hear me right, flower! Man loves flower too - a combination of monochromic flower would suit a gentleman, especially if he loves nature :) You can give him flower as an extra gift too to compliment your primary gift.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Small Bouquet of Pink Roses

It doesn't have to be big, small arrangement of flowers could be as beautiful too, plus it's much more affordable and cuter! If you want to cheer someone up, or just want to give your sweetheart extra small surprise for your special date, this small bouquet would do :)

Our vocal point here is the carousel pink rose, complimented with filler flowers (white matthiola incana, carnation) and some greeneries. Carousel rose has this soft pink tone that all girl would definitely love. I personally love it too~!
In my place, carousel rose is often called candy-pink rose. a bit misleading though, but at least now you guys know when you see a rose with gradation from white base to pink tip, then it's a carousel :)

Roses are all season flower here, we have heaps of roses ready for arrangement. From grade A to C. Grade A is the biggest kind of flower, less thorn, and most of them are imported.

By the way, Father's day is only four days ahead!
Be sure to let your Father know that you love him, ok? :)

Sunday, June 5, 2016


My name is Kim and I'm a flower enthusiast. I love flowers, nature landscapes, prairie, and meadows, they're just wonderful! Speaking of flowers, I have a row of flowers that I favored a lot! The first being Edelweiss, or Javanese Edelweiss (Anaphalis Javanica) to be specific. Unlike your usual prototype European leontopodium edelweiss, Javanese edelweiss is much more smaller in size. They share similar traits, both are being grown in a mountain high. There's a very personal reason to why I really like this flower too :)
Other reason to why I really like this flower is because of the beautiful meaning it represents. Javanese edelweiss is known as eternal flower, they'll dried up beautifully, frozen in time. Edelweiss symbolizes purity, everlasting love, and sacrifice. I love this flower so much! Hence the blog's name  ^-^

Other flower that I like includes roses, and lily of the valley.

About this blog, the main content issue is flower, anything that's related with flowers, you name it, bouquet, decor, wedding flowers, in any style. But I will share random things too on this blog, like maybe foods, pictures, places around me, and stuff. So yea it's more like a flower-random type of a blog.

I'm currently running an online-florist gift shop too, the name's Auswiel. You can find my shop at instagram @auswiel / blog: / or facebook page: Auswiel. So later when you need a bouquet of flower, bloom box, or any kind of gifts and favors, you'll know where to order :)

Dried edelweiss flower in a bottle
I love to have this mini bouquet of edelweiss close to me to keep me company and happy! :)