Sunday, June 26, 2016

Colorful Congraduation Flower Bouquet

Graduating is a very special moment in life, and a sumptuous selection of fresh flowers is just the sort of luxurious gift that will make it even more of a pleasure. It’s also lovely to give a graduation gift as it allows you to express your pride and delight at what they’ve achieved.

After so much hard work, they deserve the opportunity to celebrate their achievement in style – and a bouquet of fresh flower with a graduation plush doll is a perfect choice!

This bouquet is made earlier this month and I chose big roses as the main flower, again, soft pink roses are everyone's favorite right? The color theme should be colorful and bright,  as bright as the future that awaits the graduate~! so I think yellow and a little flush of orange gerbera are a good choice.

The plush is wearing black graduation hat (I made that myself, hehe) and a bow-tied paper scroll is also included in the bouquet, containing message from the graduate's friends :)

This reminds me of my graduation day, I didn't prepare anything like any other girl, lol! I wore a casual dress, minimal make-up and took several casual photo with my besties, that's all. No one gave me flowers, hahaha, it's okay though... but yeah, I'd be really happy to get at least one bouquet back then. ^-^ So why hold back? I'm sure everyone would be happy to receive a bouquet of flower on their special day~!

So yeah, I made custom flower bouquet and dry flower craft and it's available for Indonesia area.

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