Saturday, June 18, 2016

Father's Day Gift Ideas

Father's day is just around the corner, and we have like 24 hours to get our special gift for him. Here's a quick list of gift ideas to celebrate his special day :)

1. Gentleman's Essentials & Snacks

Gentleman's essentials, it's an easy choice. If you have money to spend, you can buy him a pair of new shoes, shirt, pants, a tie, or even a bath kit. Other than that, I'm sure your father will love to have some of his favorite snacks in a parcel. You know what he likes the most, like my father, he loves coffee. So I think I'll just give him a pack of coffee in a jar. If you have time, you can customized the jar (I'm using mason jar) too!

Gift Ideas: ballpoint, coffee/tea jar (DIY), tie/tie bar, shirt, wallet, shoes,  bath kit, favorite snacks/fruit hamper, bag, perfume.

2. DIY Keychain 

Alphabet beads keychain would make a great gift. It's super quick to make and it'll remind him of you just everytime he sees it.

3 Father's Day Cards

If you haven't prepared any gift yet, don't feel guilty. This DIY card might just be enough to make your Father happy, at least he knows you love him :)
I especially love the blue card with handkerchief on it. If you plan to give him a card, adding a handkerchief would be a great idea!

4. Flowers!

Yeah you hear me right, flower! Man loves flower too - a combination of monochromic flower would suit a gentleman, especially if he loves nature :) You can give him flower as an extra gift too to compliment your primary gift.

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