Sunday, June 5, 2016


My name is Kim and I'm a flower enthusiast. I love flowers, nature landscapes, prairie, and meadows, they're just wonderful! Speaking of flowers, I have a row of flowers that I favored a lot! The first being Edelweiss, or Javanese Edelweiss (Anaphalis Javanica) to be specific. Unlike your usual prototype European leontopodium edelweiss, Javanese edelweiss is much more smaller in size. They share similar traits, both are being grown in a mountain high. There's a very personal reason to why I really like this flower too :)
Other reason to why I really like this flower is because of the beautiful meaning it represents. Javanese edelweiss is known as eternal flower, they'll dried up beautifully, frozen in time. Edelweiss symbolizes purity, everlasting love, and sacrifice. I love this flower so much! Hence the blog's name  ^-^

Other flower that I like includes roses, and lily of the valley.

About this blog, the main content issue is flower, anything that's related with flowers, you name it, bouquet, decor, wedding flowers, in any style. But I will share random things too on this blog, like maybe foods, pictures, places around me, and stuff. So yea it's more like a flower-random type of a blog.

I'm currently running an online-florist gift shop too, the name's Auswiel. You can find my shop at instagram @auswiel / blog: / or facebook page: Auswiel. So later when you need a bouquet of flower, bloom box, or any kind of gifts and favors, you'll know where to order :)

Dried edelweiss flower in a bottle
I love to have this mini bouquet of edelweiss close to me to keep me company and happy! :)