Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Small Bouquet of Pink Roses

It doesn't have to be big, small arrangement of flowers could be as beautiful too, plus it's much more affordable and cuter! If you want to cheer someone up, or just want to give your sweetheart extra small surprise for your special date, this small bouquet would do :)

Our vocal point here is the carousel pink rose, complimented with filler flowers (white matthiola incana, carnation) and some greeneries. Carousel rose has this soft pink tone that all girl would definitely love. I personally love it too~!
In my place, carousel rose is often called candy-pink rose. a bit misleading though, but at least now you guys know when you see a rose with gradation from white base to pink tip, then it's a carousel :)

Roses are all season flower here, we have heaps of roses ready for arrangement. From grade A to C. Grade A is the biggest kind of flower, less thorn, and most of them are imported.

By the way, Father's day is only four days ahead!
Be sure to let your Father know that you love him, ok? :)


  1. Oh my god! This pink bouquet looks fantastic. Thanks for sharing photos here. Currently searching an awesome local venue Houston for hosting our first anniversary party. Hoping to book something good in budget soon.

  2. Thanks for your comment on my blog. Now I came to visit yours, I'm so delighted to see these beautiful flowers! Light pink roses are always a good choice.