Friday, July 8, 2016

Edible Flower: Nasturtium

Do you know that some flowers are edible? while we know that some other variety of flowers taste good as a tea, there's also a type of flower that could be eaten , raw or cooked. And yes, one of them is nasturtium (latin: nose twitch).
Several days ago,  I went grocery shopping at a grocery store nearby and found several packs of nasturtium on vegetable aisle. I was excited as I've never tried the flower before so I quickly picked it up!

Nasturtium smells like a fresh unripe starfruit. The petal tastes mild with a little hint of sweetness, but the closer it gets to the base, it's getting more pungent and hot, almost like a saturated white pepper.

a pack of nasturtium at Setiabudhi Supermarket (rarely available according to its supervisor). IDR 12.600 for three flowers. It's labelled as "edible flower", how cute!

Not only its beautiful, but nasturtium also tastes great and it also beneficial for health (and also beauty!)

Nasturtium benefits:
- Antibiotic: eat 2-3 flowers/day ideals to cure minor cold and flu.
- Clearing skin up, battling acne: thanks to its antibiotic properties and vit C. It kills the bacteria from inside your body. Could also be used as a toner. Place one cup of flowers and/ or buds in a liter of water in a pot. Cover and allow to simmer for 15 minutes. Strain and store in the fridge.
- They're high in vitamins A, C (10 times as much as lettuce), and D.
- Hair grow supplement: A simpler mixture is 1 cup of flowers and buds in 1 liter of water, simmered for 15 minutes in a closed pot. Massage into scalp and then rinse the hair. Keep what’s left over in the fridge.

How to eat nasturtium:
- Throw the flowers or leaves to a bowl of salad to add some colors and 'hotness'
- Eat it raw! yummm.... if you don't like pungent taste, just eat the petals.
- Cook it with other veggies. can be used as a substitute for pepper (seeds).
- Use it as a decoration on your plate.
- Could be served as a beautiful sidedish too :)

Eating my nasturtium raw with fried swiss brown mushroom and bacon :9

Available at Setiabudhi supermarket at IDR 12.600/box of three flowers.

Have you tried any edible flowers before? Nasturtium is the second flower that I've tried. The first flower shocked me with its sharp pungent taste, like a hot pepper-bomb exploded in my mouth, lol! If you are new to nasturtium, eating it slowly from the tip of the petals is recommended. But ignore me if you're so much into pungent taste :)

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  1. The first I thought was oh a sugar flowers but after read your post now is like wow a really edible flower is so pretty and edible *w* I could feel like a fairy eating a flower.